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The Visual Tree

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Boonye Zigelboim (Avramelís eldest son) married Rivka Rachel Shapira


Hanna Sheindl + Aharon Hirsch Krotman


Golda + Haim Woolf Krotman


 Shmuel & Haya

Murdered in the holocaust

Feiga + Shmuel Kornfeld    Murdered in the holocaust




Murdered in the holocaust              


Malka + Mordecahi Rivison      

Murdered in the holocaust


Frieda &Aharon Kamm


The seven children of

 Hana-Sheindl & Aharon Hirsch Krotman

The four children of

Golda & Haim Wolf Krotman

The two children of

Frieda & Aharon Kamm



Doba & Shlomo Melnik




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