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30939 - Individuals
10452 - Families
766 - Sources
16 - Other records
Earliest birth year - 28
Latest birth year - 2016
Person who lived the longest - 107
Average age at death - 65
Family with the most children14 - This information is private and cannot be shown.
Average number of children per family - 2.03
Most Common Surnames
?-Cohen; Abrahams; Adler; Barris; Behr; Benjamin; Berger; Berman; Bernstein; Bloch; Brown; Buchwald; Cohen; Davis; Epstein; Farfel; Feldman; Fine; Fisher; Fox; Frank; Freeman; Friedman; Furman; Glick; Goldberg; Goldstein; Goodman; Gordon; Green; Greenberg; Harris; Hodes; Hoffman; Isaacs; Jackson; Jacobs; Jacobson; Jaffe; Jankelowitz; Joffe; Kahn; Kaplan; Katz; Klein; Kochmann; Kolnick; Kolnik; Kontoff; Kramer; Krotman; Lazarus; Lederman; Lehmann; Levin; Levine; Levy; Lewis; Liknaitzky; Luntz; Lurie; Meltzer; Mendelow; Meyer; Meyerowitz; Miller; Morris; Moss; Myers; Nabel; Nathan; Newman; Novick; Ostroff; Peters; Plen; Rabinowitz; Reich; Rock; Rosen; Rosenberg; Rubin; Sacks; Salgaller; Sandler; Schnitzer; Schwartz; Segal; Selig; Shapiro; Sharp; Shein; Sher; Shulman; Singer; Slome; Smiedt; Smith; Smollan; Snapper; Solomon; Stein; Suttner; Turkel; Weinstein; Weiss; Wiernik; Wolf; Zalaznik; Zetler; Zigelboim]]>
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