Julia ?-Zigelboim  ‎(I364)‎
Surname: ?-Zigelboim
Given Names: Julia

Gender: FemaleFemale

Death: 1995 Johannesburg, South Africa
Personal Facts and Details
Divorce Reuven Zigelboim -

Death Death 1995 Johannesburg, South Africa

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Immediate Family  (F97)
Reuven Zigelboim
1913 - 2005

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Close Relatives
Family with Reuven Zigelboim
Reuven Zigelboim ‎(I172)‎
Birth 1913 37 Krasnystaw, Poland
Death 3 February 2005 ‎(Age 92)‎ Warsaw, Poland
Julia ?-Zigelboim ‎(I364)‎
Death 1995 Johannesburg, South Africa