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(Comments, received by email, from Visitors to the site.) All private/personal information deleted.

Your website is amazing.  I can trace my family back to the late 1700's.  Just amazing!.......Thank you for creating a wonderful piece of our family ancestry.       E.W

I stumbled across your family tree online and was amazed and overwhelmed by the incredible wealth of information you have...........

This is a wonderful, fascinating site. I was deeply moved to read it. Thank you and all the best with your endeavous.            G.F

What an amazing site this is and I am trying to find where I fit in.........It is absolutely amazing what you have done.        E.E

I find your site amzaing and very detailed.       D.G

I found my first cousins on your website, which , by the way, is an amazing piece of work, and being a genealogist myself, can appreciate the thousands of hours you have devoted to it.    L.L.G

What an amazing site. Well done in putting this fantastic historical masterpiece together. H.B

I came across your amazingly comprehensive web site fortuitously. Kol hakavod.    I was also pleasantly surprised to find our ............... family listed extensively......    M.O

I wanted to write to let you know how impressed I am with your tree. It is incredible. I have recently discovered my father-in-law's family    K.S

Thanks for the great genealogy!  It is really interesting to see my family tree, as I have not had the opportunity to see it in the past       M.F

I’ve been so surprised to find my mother’s family tree listed on the net I would like to update the information for my siblings and myself....       Thank you for the fantastic web site which my son found quite by accident it’s amazing how many people are on it. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.  D.M

All I can say is that I am IMPRESSED! all those surnames ....... also scrolling down on the left instead of the right side makes me feel...Jewish. Anyway, I shall study your fascinating Tree, (I have chills, you have done so much!).   D.H

Looks great!...... This was just an absolutely amazing find, and I could never thank you enough for all the work that must have gone into this project!   ........      Again, just an amazing find!     R.C

I am writing to you having accidentally stumbled onto your site and seeing my (almost) entire family tree laid out in front of me. Needless to say, I am amazed at the breadth of the information on your site...............

.............All in all, it truly is an amazing site you have put together. I hope you don't mind if I let my family know about it.   D.W

I have to say that it was a great surprise, and a great joy to find your website. Thank you so much. My grandparents passed away and I am not in contact often with my father's brothers. To find out more about my family on the web was quite fun.   D.S

I found your geneology website accidentally while Googling myself. I am impressed with your scholarship. I never knew the dates surrounding my grandfather's parents births and deaths. Very interesting.    D.S

היום נודע לי על אתר המשפחה שלכם באינטרנט וכמי שנמצאת בשלבים הראשונים של חיפוש שורשי המשפחה- כל כך התרשמתי מהעושר, העומק הרוחב וכמובן מהאתר עצמו הבנוי לתפארת. כה לחי !    S.VR

This is a wonderful web site. I came across it while researching data in compiling my personal family tree.  You must have spent a significant amount of time compiling this information.   B.G

 מאוד התרגשנו לראות את כל אילן היוחסין באתר. סבתי ... מאוד התרגשה.   לא ידענו שהמשפחה הרחבה כה גדולה...  T.S

Each time I view your work on this site I am in awe of what you've accomplished for all of us!  J.S

We were really impressed with all the work that you have put into your family tree project.

 I have a family tree in gedcom format, and thought that you might be interested in including it into your project.

Well done for creating such an interesting website...   A.J

Wonderful family tree. Came upon it via a link from the JewishGen site......  ...

really wonderful and amazing family tree. I'm sure you're quite proud!      N.S

I want to commend you on your family tree published on the web. I came upon it fortuitously as I idly surfed the web, something I do from time-to-time. A.M.

Your family tree website is terrific.    B.A

I was excited to find myself and my family within such a big family tree.  It’s interesting to see how we are all connected.  S.T

Thanks for running this website! M. S, who is a teacher of mine in college, and I just discovered we were related, and that is what caused us to investigate this family tree.  - S.S

would like to send you some corrections and updates. ...

I am sure this was extremely time consuming and we are thrilled to be able to view this and share this information with our family.  Thank you so much- M.S

What an work you have achieved, our whole family gathered round to look at the tree and my daughter is going to show her class at school tomorrow.  J.S

 I am QUITE impressed by your family tree.  Wow.   L.B

The Zigelboim Family Tree was a tremendous undertaking with a magnificent result. Thank you so much for doing it. D.S

At the outset let me congratulate you on an amazing piece of work. It boggles the mind !!     V.C

It is magnificent, amazingly thorough and a most important addition to our family history. You have my endless  thanks and admiration for all of your hard work   J.S

I was surfing the internet and found your fantastic family tree.
What a treasure! I can't believe this incredible database of the family!
I have a few additions to my corner of the tree: how do you want me to send them to you?
Best regards, and congratulations on a wonderful project.   N.S

I visited your site and what a excellent job you have done.  P.R

We are all so excited by this website. You really have sent all the families into quite a spin.  N.E

I was fascinated by your website. Quite amazing.   Please let me know if I can help with any details.  N.E (Australia)

Thank you once again for your site. Without it I would never have found out about my great-grandparents amongst others. C.B

... and my twin sister and I came across your fantastic website!!!  Wow it's amazing!  H.R

Your site with the extensive Genealogy work is amazing. I have some updates to be added  E.O

תודה על העבודה היפה /שאתה עושה  כמי שעשה עבודה דומה  אני מתפעל מהשכלולים   שוב תודה  (י.א - ישראל)

Your amaaazing site just gets better and better.  S.H

AMAZING !!! At the outset, I have to congratulate you on a magnificent job, brilliantly done.

However, there are some areas where I believe I could add information to your already huge collection.

If you are interested, I could email you a GEDCOM file containing the work I have done on my own family trees, some of which overlap yours. Please contact me about this.  S.H. (South Africa)

I am so amazed by this project you have undertaken. I also have been working on my tree for some years.
I am not directly related to you but my family tree does connect to your extensive tree in (at least!) two places...these are the names that are on my tree and on yours [... ...] If I send you my gedcom, will you be able to add it to your tree? That would be fantastic, for my family to see our branches included in your extensive tree and also to expand to your worthwhile project. Awaiting your answer. R.M. South Africa

I am really moved finding my name on the family tree compiled by you. I couldn't believe my eyes! -L.P.

You've done one helluva job and I congratulate you ! -D.R. Israel

I found your family tree and wanted to congratulate you on a job well done.
I would be more than happy to pass on the updated information if you would like.
How long has it taken you to do this family tree & how were you able to go about doing the research. I have attached a picture of myself.
Thanks again. -B.S. Boston USA

Hi there - i just came across your family tree on the internet and much to my surprise I saw my name there. Feel free to contact me if you want more information about the rest of my family. -W.S.

That is a fantastic job you've done on integrating so many family trees/
-S.W. San Diego CA USA

In my immediate family data, there are some mistakes. How do I correct   them?.
-J.L. New York City

Thank you for all that information.

It is fascinating. Rabbi M.S.

You have done a fantastic job. I'm really envious.
I would be interested to know how you built your web-site, and how many
man-hours you spent building it. J.W. Israel

My name is M R and I appear on your wonderful site.Where on the site can
I see (if at all) the whole family in "tree" form so as to trace
backwards and
sideways all the family. - M.R. Israel

Just a quick note to tell you that this is a truly fantastic, incredibly interesting, and much appreciated project that you have undertaken. - G.L

I just saw your amazing Krotman etc Family website, and
was very interested to discover the names of 2 additional
generations of my ancestors. ..... .. Could you please
update the site with my children. J.L.

Amazing work!  - S.P

What a wonderful work you have achieved! - J.F.

What a wonderful set of pages! I found the link to your site in the
Belarus.SIG newsletter. Unfortunately, no connections. However,
I am interested in setting up a similar type of site for our family's
genealogy, etc. - J.L. Scarsdale

I just visited your website, you have done an enormous work, no doubt
your family very much appreciates it, thanks for sharing the information
with us
the visitors. - E.B.

The construction of your Tree makes it possible, theoretically, to include eventually the entire Jewish people and all others who have stemmed from them. How far do you want this to go?......

My sincere appreciation to you and admiration for your monumental work. I look forward to many years of correspondence with you...... - D.A.C


 אני מלאת התפעלות מהאתר המושקע, היסודי, המעניין, והעשוי בצורה כל כך מקצועית  - ו.ח


שמי י. פ., באופן מקרי נתקלתי באתר האינטרנט אותו הקמת. .....התפעלתי ממספר הצאצאים המופיעים בו. .....

המשכתי להסתכל באתר, אני חייבת לומר שהוא בהחלט מושקע ומעניין לשוטט בו.

נשמח לקבל או להעביר מידע.   - י.פ


I was surfing the web and discovered my name on your extensive family tree-
Hope you can add [my family] into your tree!
Thank you for maintaining such a great website!
Let me know if you have any more questions! I am very happy to help!
-A.S. Florida USA

I found your family trees on the net and am impressed.....I would like to
meet with you to discuss "Family" G.M.

Congratulations on a wonderful site. Q.G.

I found your site on the internet and was very interested in it.
I have changed and added info for you as I am on the chart.
I can give you All the missing names and all that if you want it.
This is a wonderful family tree, and I wonder how you got all your
information. I am currently working on mine. - S.L.

Shalom Baruch,
Many thanks for the info related to your very impressive family tree.   If you want it I can send you my family tree...... I am S. K's. sister and we have a fair bit on both sides of my family
Best wishes - M.K

Thank you for doing this and for putting up your web site.
There is so much we need to learn and value about our lost culture.   A.R , Palo Alto, CA USA

Shalom Baruch,
I visited your new web site.  It is most beautiful.
Kol Hacavod for the initiation and the production.  - M.K,  Israel

Congratulations! I visited your site and I have appreciated it very
much............... Is it possible for you to find out if there is a lost ring between our
E.A. Rio, Brazil.

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